Subject: Re MCC news
From: Middleton Curling <>
Date: 3/6/2021, 8:44 PM
To: Bonnie Morine <>

Hi Everyone,

MCC is still open ....league playing is going well, with everyone mindful of the COVID protocols.

The Afternoon Curler's Frank West Spiel happened on Friday February 26 with six teams of three playing two six end games with a lunch of soup and sandwiches between the games. Congrats to the winners...Rick Arsenault, Dave Acker and Donna Parsons!!!

If all goes well, we have a tentative date for the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday May 19th in the ice shed.

It looks like the curling season will be extended into April. Final details will announced by the end of March.

To help offset maintenance costs of the Club building through the summer, we are undertaking a small silent bid auction this month, with winners announced in early April.  The date will be finalized at our next Board meeting.

Right now we have need of a number of offers, new items, gift certificates, special talent crafty items, promises of baking, gently used books and jigsaw puzzles....everything similar to the other silent bid auctions we held before this year. I will have the items/promises of offers etc recorded and on display in the dining room along with a sheet to record your bid $, name and phone number.  The Club needs your support.

You may contact me with your offer and/or bring it to the Club and place on the table under the trophies. There will be a small info paper for you to fill out with your item or offer.

Thanks for your support,
Bonnie Morine   MCC Secretary   Hm 902-825-2695   Club 902-825-3225